the day we drove a car into the ocean: a rant about international shipping

I often use this space to talk about challenges I deal with. Most of them are personal challenges, stuff that’s in my head. But this post is about a real-world challenge that bedevils me and many folks I know. It has been crushing me for years. I honestly don’t know how other company heads deal […]

Why The Hunting of the Shark matters (to me)

Hey folks. I’m writing to tell you about our new book The Hunting of the Shark: Twenty Years of Lone Shark Puzzlehunts. It’s a massive puzzle compendium of all the major puzzlehunts we’ve run over the last two decades. I don’t think you’ll find a better puzzle collection anywhere. You can read all about it […]

Memories of Teeuwynn

It’s been a couple months since my former co-designer Teeuwynn Woodruff passed away unexpectedly. It’s taken me till now (and talking to her husband) to feel up to sharing this post I wrote in September. Even though we worked as a team for 20 years, Tey and I had a big falling out a decade […]

a new book that’s a bit different for me

After a couple years off, I’m returning to publishing this week. Not to my job; I’m still somewhat unsure about going off my leave of absence. But I have been writing a lot, and this week, I’m putting out a new book for preorder. It’s called Mindspaces. It’s part of a big charity thing I helped […]

my gap year

Lone Shark’s doing a Reddit AMA today. I was asked if I wanted to participate. I politely declined. Being public is not how my life works these days. However, since it’s possible people will ask about me, I’m dropping a few notes here about my work over the last 15 months. I’ve been on leave […]

an interim report

Hi there. For a year, I’ve been on a leave of absence from the company I co-founded, and absent from social media. I’d stay that way, but part of being accountable is the accounting of things, and a year is enough time to figure out something to say. I’ll try to do that here. I’m […]

Apologies and steps to be better

I want to start this out with saying to Gaby that I am sorry. I know that just saying I’m sorry doesn’t fix things, but I am wholeheartedly sorry. I also want to apologize to anyone whom I’ve treated poorly. Many of you are probably expecting a long post from me, but I don’t think […]

on alcohol and game conventions

The nurse asked, “Do you drink alcohol?”I said, “Sure.”“More than five drinks a day?”I laughed. “Ha! God, no! I haven’t had five drinks all year.” That was true, by the way. In the last 12 months, I can count my drinks on one hand. My rules for drinking are: Never drink alone. Never drink before […]

Coming clean in my complicity

In the 24 hours before I did the most idiotic and hurtful thing I’ve ever done on the internet, three public entities I’m associated with all got called out for highly problematic actions. I need to talk about them, and me. There is a statement from my company over here, but this is just me. […]