Tey and me at our “Scrabble Walk” for the Arthritis Foundation in 2009.

It’s been a couple months since my former co-designer Teeuwynn Woodruff passed away unexpectedly. It’s taken me till now (and talking to her husband) to feel up to sharing this post I wrote in September. Even though we worked as a team for 20 years, Tey and I had a big falling out a decade ago and it never got better. A lot of that was my fault and I didn’t deal with it well. But anyone who knows that story probably also knows she was like a sister to me.

Tey was among the best designers and event creators ever to hit the game industry. She was a trailblazer when no one else knew the trail was even blazable. She made Wizards, White Wolf, and Lone Shark all smarter and more creative. She made alternate reality the most realistic it has ever been. She made being an outspoken advocate for change cool. She was the best game theory analyst of reality TV in the world. She made nearly every woman tabletop game designer’s career possible. Mostly, she made people across the world smile. Me especially.

I have many great memories of her. Here’s ten. I remember:

We didn’t always have Paris, of course. We hadn’t talked for a long time and I regret everything that led up to that. I don’t really have words for what I’m feeling right now, and honestly, I’m not sure I’m even right to write this up. So, I’ll leave it at this: Tey was a legend. She will be celebrated forever. And she will be missed.