Game-changer: How the Democrats won the Kavanaugh war by losing the battle.

The new face of Republican America. Congratulations, Republicans! You’ve gotten Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court! His face will always be associated with your victory. His ragey, hateful, perjuring, conspiratorial face. You’re him now. Today’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh will work in Democrats’ favor, and eventually America’s as well. We chose this moment in 2016, […]

Abortion rights and the game theory of armor.

Ladies, surely these people know what’s better for you than you do. (Photo: Bob Daemmrich, Texas Tribune.) While Charlottesville set itself ablaze with white supremacist fury last week, there was another equally horrifying assault in the South. The Governor of Texas signed yet another horrendous abortion bill, this one mandating something called “rape insurance” to […]