Pawn sacrifice: Justin Fairfax and the case for in-party impeachment.

Looking for a way out. Not finding one. Justin Fairfax is in a heap of trouble. A week ago, I praised him as the gallantly-named paladin that would ride in and save Virginia from the unearthed depredations of Governor Ralph Northam. Now I don’t even know if he’ll survive the weekend as lieutenant governor. What it […]

Game-changer: How the Democrats won the Kavanaugh war by losing the battle.

The new face of Republican America. Congratulations, Republicans! You’ve gotten Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court! His face will always be associated with your victory. His ragey, hateful, perjuring, conspiratorial face. You’re him now. Today’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh will work in Democrats’ favor, and eventually America’s as well. We chose this moment in 2016, […]