The GOP Legacy: Elections don’t have consequences.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t the leader whom the Democrats should run out of town on a rail. It’s Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. While Pelosi tried to get a word in edgewise, Schumer had the unmitigated gall to parrot Barack Obama in a meeting with President Trump: “Elections have consequences, Mr. President.” Ha, no. Get me […]

Ready Individual One: The quizzical power of a lame duck.

That haircut even looks like a lame duck. Two years into his presidency, Donald Trump just became a lame duck. His team lost the House and hundreds of state seats in the midterms. New governors and state attorneys general stand ready to file suit after suit against him. His own Justice Department called him a committer […]

The Democrats pick the right strategy (even though it hurts).

Walkouts: Good for protests, bad for governance. Where did the #Resistance go? In the last month, Democrats gave up a principled government shutdown and a deadlock on the Dreamers because of what? How dare they! Why did they sell out the… Wait, hold on. What did they get? Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program […]