The politics of believing in God.

The link between these two symbols has never been more fraught with problems. It’s Christmas! Let’s talk about God. Growing up I read stories about God. In the Old Testament, he was a guy, and he said things directly to people. Sometimes he was a complete jackass, like in the book of Joshua, where at […]

Anger, entertainment, and the idea of a “protest game.”

This Wednesday, as the impeachment hearings roared onto televisions and iPhone screens across the nation, my team at Basket of Adorables launched a Kickstarter for a new game called TanTrump. It’s billed as “a Don’t Wake Daddy for the darkest timeline,” but it’s actually a really strategic and clever game. Here’s what it looks like. […]

Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Donald Trump, and the bet against America.

Nobody ever asks me how I feel about Amy Klobuchar. I don’t get peppered with questions about my confidence in Julián Castro or Bill Weld. Mark Sanford’s not a strange being, except for that thing he did that one time. Folks look to Cory Booker for inspiration, Beto O’Rourke for animation, Kamala Harris to channel […]

You can’t spell “believer” without “lie”: A look at why Trump lies so much.

“Trust is like glass: shatters in an instant, with a single blow, and takes a long time to restore.” — Kathy Sullivan, chief of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration under President Obama The world was riveted last week at the ruin wreaked during Hurricane Dorian. The storm blew the Bahamas to Kingdom Come. Officially 50 people […]

When your senator threatens to kill state troopers, your system is broken.

Wanted, presumed armed and dangerous. While my wife and I were drinking our way through Oregon this weekend, I noted that the street corners were not filled with state senators using lethal force against capitol troopers. So I didn’t stop drinking. But the specter of that outcome existed due to this quote from state senator […]

If you liked Jeb!, you’ll love Joe!

If you’ve watched Joe Biden’s campaign for president unfold, you probably have noted two things: one, that he has a massive lead in every poll well before anyone has voted, and two, that he has not really campaigned at all. Sure, he’s been on talk shows (especially The View, where he is beloved) and the […]

If Trump’s not indicted because he can’t be, he should be.

To paraphrase Pearl Jam, Robert Mueller spoke in class today. Both today and in his report, Mueller described a vast Russian conspiracy to defeat Hillary Clinton that often intertwined with advisors to President Trump. Today, he spent most of his time telling America that it had a criminal president, but that he could—and would—do nothing […]

No one wants to go to war with Iran. We’re going anyway.

Have you been to Abilene? It’s a small city 150 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas. Jessica Simpson’s from there, and so is quarterback Case Keenum. Vinnie Paul from Pantera too (RIP). It’s probably a lovely place. I don’t know because I’ve never been there. I’m thinking we should go. Do you want to come […]

Mr. Trump’s crime code.

“It would be no different if I said, ‘That’s the nicest looking tie I’ve ever seen, isn’t it?’ What are you gonna do, you gonna fight with him? The answer is no, so you say, ‘Yeah, that’s the nicest looking tie I’ve ever seen.’ That’s how he speaks. He doesn’t give you questions. He doesn’t […]