Did Boris Johnson just show Nancy Pelosi how to destroy Trump?

OK, hear me out on this. It’s going to get weird. The guy on the right is secure in his power. The guy on the left is not. Donald Trump just got impeached on two articles of impeachment: abuse of power (230–197–Tulsi) and obstruction of Congress (229–198–Tulsi). The common belief is that the impeachment trial will […]

Game theory and the four magic words that will convict Trump.

The GOP armageddon. More than two years ago, I kicked off this series on game theory and politics with a column called “Game theory and the two magic words that will impeach Trump.” Those two words were “and Pence.” The logic was that since then-House Speaker Paul Ryan yearned to be president, a movement to […]

The Thunder in the Rotunda: How Nancy Pelosi rope-a-doped Trump.

This week I was in DC and saw people just trying to get through this thing called life. On Monday morning, when a Secret Service agent was asked why they cleared Lafayette Park for no apparent reason, he shrugged and told my companion, “Hey man, it’s the White House. You never know what goes on […]

Pawn sacrifice: Justin Fairfax and the case for in-party impeachment.

Looking for a way out. Not finding one. Justin Fairfax is in a heap of trouble. A week ago, I praised him as the gallantly-named paladin that would ride in and save Virginia from the unearthed depredations of Governor Ralph Northam. Now I don’t even know if he’ll survive the weekend as lieutenant governor. What it […]

Targeting the Clinton Foundation is Trump’s dumbest move yet.

Both of these men think they are very smart, and the other isn’t. Over the last year, I’ve chronicled why a large number of Donald Trump’s maneuvers are logically flawed. On a game theory level, they are, to use a scientific term, dumb. I’m particularly impressed with how dumb last week’s strongman attack on the Clinton […]

Game theory and the two magic words that will impeach Trump.

Maybe. Maybe not. Hi, I’m Mike, and I’m a game designer. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that game theory is a beast. It’s how we got Trump. We knew Candidate Trump was a racist, a sexist, a fraud, a fascist, a creep, a climate change denier, an anti-vaxxer, and a colossal fool. Some of […]