Two madmen play poker: the North Korea bluff-off.

There was this one poker tournament I said I would attend, but I ran late, and so they just blinded me down as play continued. But everybody else played so aggressive that I actually came in third and cashed in without ever showing up. What a fun story! And say, here’s a horrifying graphic. Who […]

The gambler: Why Trump keeps doubling down on an idiotic Russia strategy.

“Heads.” In the most recent play in which they will eventually be dead, Hamlet’s pals Rosencrantz and Guildenstern flip a coin. A lot. It comes up heads, always heads. This surprises them. Eventually, it should come up tails. It does not. This requires Guildenstern — or maybe it’s Rosencrantz — to reexamine his faith in the law of probability. […]