The Progressive Voltron: How to buy an election.

Now is the time for all good candidates to come to the aid of their party. “This is Bernie Sanders!” “Hi, Bernie, it’s Liz.” “Elizabeth! Great work on Mike! We will show the billionaire class what—” “Bernie, everyone thinks you’ll have the most delegates when the convention comes.” “Well, sure. That said, there are many contests […]

Bernie’s campaign is the best ever. It may not matter.

Your next president. Maybe. Up until this week, I thought the 2008 Obama campaign was the best-run Democratic campaign of all time. I’m taking that off the board. Bernie Sanders has the best-run Democratic campaign of all time. It likely won’t lead to him being president, but it’s worth watching a master at work. Part […]

The Democrats pick the right strategy (even though it hurts).

Walkouts: Good for protests, bad for governance. Where did the #Resistance go? In the last month, Democrats gave up a principled government shutdown and a deadlock on the Dreamers because of what? How dare they! Why did they sell out the… Wait, hold on. What did they get? Funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program […]