a new book that’s a bit different for me

After a couple years off, I’m returning to publishing this week. Not to my job; I’m still somewhat unsure about going off my leave of absence. But I have been writing a lot, and this week, I’m putting out a new book for preorder. It’s called Mindspaces. It’s part of a big charity thing I helped […]

my gap year

Lone Shark’s doing a Reddit AMA today. I was asked if I wanted to participate. I politely declined. Being public is not how my life works these days. However, since it’s possible people will ask about me, I’m dropping a few notes here about my work over the last 15 months. I’ve been on leave […]

an interim report

Hi there. For a year, I’ve been on a leave of absence from the company I co-founded, and absent from social media. I’d stay that way, but part of being accountable is the accounting of things, and a year is enough time to figure out something to say. I’ll try to do that here. I’m […]

Apologies and steps to be better

I want to start this out with saying to Gaby that I am sorry. I know that just saying I’m sorry doesn’t fix things, but I am wholeheartedly sorry. I also want to apologize to anyone whom I’ve treated poorly. Many of you are probably expecting a long post from me, but I don’t think […]

on alcohol and game conventions

The nurse asked, “Do you drink alcohol?”I said, “Sure.”“More than five drinks a day?”I laughed. “Ha! God, no! I haven’t had five drinks all year.” That was true, by the way. In the last 12 months, I can count my drinks on one hand. My rules for drinking are: Never drink alone. Never drink before […]

When the social contract dies, it’s time to riot.

The White House amid clouds of tear gas as park police clear a nighttime protest in Lafayette Square. The protests after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police have led me to think on a game theory question I’ve avoided to this point. When is it time to riot? I don’t mean protest. It […]

Humanity at the Crossing: Defining the value of work in an unsafe world.

On March 20, America braced for impact. Incubated in Asia, a contagion swept through US cities and small towns, confining thousands to their beds. It consumed lives. You could get it just by talking to someone who’d already got it. Once you got it, odds are you weren’t going to recover any time soon. I […]

“I don’t take responsibility at all”: Trump fails the Trolley Problem.

Don’t touch your face, Doctor Fauci. I’m writing this from Ground Zero in Seattle, the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic. With 2,000 confirmed cases and 95 people already dead from the disease, Seattle is being treated as a plague town. So I have time alone to think about the Trolley Problem and how it relates […]

Respecting the game: My endorsement for the 2020 primary.

This is what it comes down to. With Washington state in play on March 10, my primary vote will matter for the first time in decades. We had a “show primary” for years, providing an advisory vote following a caucus that undemocratically selected our choice for nominee. But now I’ll get to cast a ballot that […]