Respecting the game: My endorsement for the 2020 primary.

This is what it comes down to. With Washington state in play on March 10, my primary vote will matter for the first time in decades. We had a “show primary” for years, providing an advisory vote following a caucus that undemocratically selected our choice for nominee. But now I’ll get to cast a ballot that […]

America is in a game of Cyberball, and it hurts. Just like love.

Cleanup on Aisle Iowa. As I write this, the Iowa Caucuses have ended in an inferno, with no results reported, the fourth-place candidate claiming victory, and the frontrunner’s campaign suggesting the results of an election are invalid. The trial of the president for darn-near-treason will end in an acquittal after no witnesses were called, as potential […]

If you liked Jeb!, you’ll love Joe!

If you’ve watched Joe Biden’s campaign for president unfold, you probably have noted two things: one, that he has a massive lead in every poll well before anyone has voted, and two, that he has not really campaigned at all. Sure, he’s been on talk shows (especially The View, where he is beloved) and the […]

A candidate’s guide to winning the rock-paper-scissors primary.

Dear Democratic candidates for president: At this point I admit I’ve lost count of you. Harris. Warren. Booker. Gillibrand. Castro. Gabbard. Inslee. Maybe O’Rourke. Biden, maybe? Sanders, probably. At least two New York City mayors. Buttigieg. Klobuchar. De la Hoya. Jolie. Yes, Oscar and Angelina. I am definitely intrigued. But, look, I have no idea […]

Playing Diplomacy with Nancy Pelosi is a dangerous game.

Your next speaker. Maybe. Nancy Pelosi should be feeling great these days. The longtime San Francisco congresswoman just presided over the largest midterm influx of Democratic Representatives since 1974, which was freakin’ Watergate. She should be ecstatic, but she’s under a little pressure right now. A bunch of these new members don’t want her to be […]

I put my essays into a book that you can get right now.

If you’ve read my essays over the last two years, you know I’ve used game theory to analyze Donald Trump’s actions and many other political issues. I decided to put them into a book called Game Theory in the Age of Chaos. For the next two weeks, you can preorder it on Kickstarter and get […]

Game-changer: How the Democrats won the Kavanaugh war by losing the battle.

The new face of Republican America. Congratulations, Republicans! You’ve gotten Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court! His face will always be associated with your victory. His ragey, hateful, perjuring, conspiratorial face. You’re him now. Today’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh will work in Democrats’ favor, and eventually America’s as well. We chose this moment in 2016, […]